Scriptwriting Workshop With Kubilay QB Tunçer

You have a story in your mind and you want to make it into a film, or you are a serious follower of television series and tired of seeing the same scenarios all the time. Or perhaps you think if you were to write the story of your life it would be just like a movie. Scriptwriting is one of the most popular occupations of the present day. We live in a world where thousands of new series and films are produced every single day. There is a much greater demand for well-written scripts and substantial stories than ever before. Scriptwriting is, first and foremost, a technical endeavour, and even the world’s best writer cannot become a scriptwriter without learning the technique. The language of scriptwriting is an international language. A good scriptwriter does not have to be a good storyteller. Someone who is not good at writing stories can become a good scriptwriter.

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn how to write a script. Participants who aim to become professional in this vocation one day, and those who want to make their stories and ideas into films will have the technical competence to do so at the end of the workshop. The workshop could also be seen as a basic education in writing, as the intricacies of constructing a plot and character development are the key elements that has to be learned for any kind of writing. The workshop would also benefit people who are not interested in becoming a scriptwriter but enjoy cinema, and even amateurs and semi-professionals dreaming of becoming a director. The script is the building block, the DNA of cinema and television. Regardless of their talent, anyone who works hard enough can become a scriptwriter, but no matter how talented, no one can be a scriptwriter without working for it and learning the technique. 

Thursday, 12th October at 18:30 - 20:30

- What is a script, and what are the types of scripts

- How to format a page in a script - how do programs, such as Final Draft and Celtx, used in scriptwriting, work - placement of characters, dialogue and scene formatting, length and duration adjustments

 Friday, 13th October at 18:30 - 20:30

- What are the types of narratives

- What is visual representation and how is it done - how to convey basic feelings - how is a storyline constructed

 Thursday, 19th October at 18:30 - 20:30

- The formulas of conflict in narratives - how to establish the protagonists - the POV concept and how to establish a balance between main and supporting characters - the fundamentals of dramaturgy

 Friday, 20th October at 18:30 - 20:30

- How to adjust runtime in the script

- How to convey subsidiary feelings and complex emotions - what are the rules of writing an adaptation - the financial and legal rights, and responsibilities of scriptwriters, and market relations.

All events are free. Number of participants limited 60 people. You can take your event invitation one hour before the event from Akbank Sanat’s information desk. 

Kubilay QB Tunçer

After finishing secondary school in USA with an AFS scholarship, he completed an undergraduate degree at METU, Department of Psychology, obtained a master’s degree from METU, Department of Philosophy and a second master’s degree from BİLGİ UNIVERSITY Department of Cultural Studies. For 10 years he gave lectures on “management of chaos” at BİLGİ UNIVERSITY’s graduate program of Business Administration. He lectured on scriptwriting at YAŞAR UNIVERSITY, Department of Cinema for two years, and led the scriptwriting workshops at PLATO Film Academy for 3 semesters. He is continuing to offer advanced scriptwriting seminars at YAZI EVİ.

In addition to the Turkish adaptation of the television classic, SESAME STREET, he has written scripts for a number of television series including El Gibi, Maçolar, Mert’le Gert, Yapma Diyorum, and Gümüş. The screenplays of box office films like Mutluluk (Bliss) and Amerikalılar Karadeniz’de (Americans at the Black Sea) also belong to Kubilay QB Tunçer.  He has been the head of the screenplay departments of Plato Film and ANS Productions for a long time, written dozens of film scripts that were not produced, and worked as a consultant in various films.

He has acted as various characters in 9 movies and around 50 episodes of television series. He also acted in two films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and worked as a script consultant on another film of his. He was nominated for several awards for his performances in theatre plays. He is the playwright of various theatre plays staged around the world, including the AFİFE Award-winning “Olağan Mucizeler” (Ordinary Miracles). The theatre play CARDENIO that he wrote with a HARVARD University scholarship, was catalogued in the world Shakespeare heritage list. He is the librettist of HÜSNÜ AŞKA DAİR (About Beauty of Love) and BARBAROS ballets performed by the State Opera and Ballet.

He is more widely known as a magician around the world. He has performed magic shows all over the world, from Las Vegas to Sydney. He has managed to perform for tens of thousands of viewers with his stage show that has been running for 20 years. He has been awarded once as the World’s Best, once as Europe’s Best, once as a runner-up in the Balkans, and holds two Honorary Awards in his career in magic.

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